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Explore Buenos Aires knowing its history


Learn a new form of tourism. Mobile Audio Guide offers 12 different routes to delve into the history of the city of Buenos Aires. Narrated by renowned voices of our culture, these guidelines will allow you to stroll through the most representative areas of Buenos Aires identity and know their history at the same time. Each tour is designed with various stops for you to mentally construct the past and can enjoy the voices of historical figures, classic songs and dialogues of national films and other content.

  Abasto Monserrat Puerto Madero
  Avenida de Mayo Palermo viejo Recoleta
  Avenida Corrientes Palermo Retiro
  La Boca Plaza de Mayo San Telmo
  Stop codes Maps of all 12 circuits
  Av. Corrientes 1778 (C1042AAQ) Buenos Aires, Argentina
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